PARSOL  - Participation of Refugees into Social Life
              MEETING   IV,   Italy, 12 - 16 January, 2017 
The fourth meeting has been in Italy from 12 to 16 of January, 2017.
The meeting has taken place in Rende, Cosenza, where Promidea has its headquarters.

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   Cosenza, I.I.S. “Mancini – Tommasi”,   13/01/17






Friday, 13 January 2017
Participation to the Workshop titled “Welcome culture and Interculturalism”, an event to reflect and promote the culture of tolerance, inclusion, respect of each other also by listening to the stories told by migrants.
Institutional greetings by Graziella Cammalleri Manager I.I.S. “Mancini – Tommasi” followed by institutional interventions:
  • Mons. Francesco Antonio Nolé (Archbishop of Cosenza)
  • Pietro Caroleo (Promidea Cooperativa Sociale) - Multiculturalism, Interculturalism e trasncultural tourism
  • Renato Caforio (Delfino Association) - How to support the relationship and make persons more pro-active 
The second part of the workshop was dedicated to interventions of the  PARSOL Project  Partners about best practices, experiences and dedicated initiatives from country and organisations’.
The event has been closed with the artistic performance of the guests of the SPRAR Centre followed by interviews of the partners by the local/regional press and the local television and radio broadcasting network

                                                    Rende, Promidea, 14/01/17

                                                       PROJECT MEETING 

Saturday, 14 January 2017
The project's core meeting has been held this day in the office of Promidea in rende. The participants have been welcomed by the chairman of Promidea, Mr. Carmine Federico. Issues regarding the project management, the output, dissemination activities, evaluations and reports have been discussed. The next meeting will be in Scotland, 6th - 8th of April 2017. 
Of course also output issues have been discussed. The deadline for sending the contributions to the art book/exhibition is by end May (see also the Artbook / Exhibition page
Language teaching to refugees
An overview of the topic 'learning of second language' in terms of features, aims, target, limits has been presented. 
This has been followed by a brief presentation and description of tools and methodologies tested by Promidea with hard copies of dissemination, communication and didactical material produced within programs and project for migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, children and women victims of trafficking and grave exploitation.
Traditional products, namely:
  • Guides of services;
  • Handbooks for adults;
  • Spelling books for adults and children

but above all, new tools of learning and teaching second language such as:
  • Learning For Subject
  • Story Telling
All the partners participated to the discussion making comparison with tools used in their countries or used and implemented by their organisation. 
In particular Joan Font showed a Guide prepared and disseminated in Catalogna about health services to improve the knowledge of the territory possibilities granted for migrants but even a useful tool through that learn a new language in comparison with itself.
Also social and cultural visits have been made during the meeting. In particular shuld be mentioned the visit to SPRAR Centre in Montalto Uffugo Cosenza. The operators of the Centre, Mr. Adolfo Passarelli and Mrs. Margherita De Cicco welcomed the guests into the headquarter of the Centre explaining all about the SPRAR system, the Italian system of second integration of asylum seekers and migrants: aims, operating conditions, provided services, the number of guests included in the protection system and the results obtained until now. Visits to apartments where refugees are housed have followed the presentation. 


Meeting Report
PARSOL  - Participation of Refugees into Social Life

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