PARSOL  - Participation of Refugees into Social Life
              MEETING  V-bis,   Spain, 02 - 05 May, 2017 



The fifth Meeting was held in Scotland. Two participants from the Turkish team could not get visa to enter Scotland. So, they could not participate in the meeting in Scotland. But they had the detailed context information about the PARSOL Exhibition that would be held in Portugal. Because of not participating of these project members in the Meeting in Scotland, a mid-meeting in Spain was needed.
This mid-meeting has been a meeting for four days in Barcelona between the 2. and 5. of May 2017 with participation of the partner from Portugal in which country the PARSOL Exhibition will be held and also a further briefing with the coordinator country Turkey was necessary. 
 The meeting in Barcelona had than two subjets in focus:
- the Context of the PARSOL Exhibition
- the Dissemination Activities of the PARSOL project


Short report

The Meeting started at 10:00 at DEMA's.  The context of the PARSOL art exhibition that would be held in Portugal was discussed on the last day of this meeting. Also than the Meeting
Report was written.

We made a visit of art galleries and exhibition halls like Poble Espanyol Art Gallery, Base Elements Urban Art Gallery, Artevistas Gallery, Espais Volart, Mulas y Pedrosa Art Gallery, Begemot Art and the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya. This was important to improve the quality of our exhibition in Portugal.
New ideas were gathered from the venues visited and the talks with the exhibition organisers. It was decided that the content of the exhibition in Portugal should be as follows.
The Exhibition in Lousã, Portugal will be furnitured with digital printings of the works instead of the original large works on canvas (the original works on canvas will not be brought because of the high insurance price and the possibility of damage by the transport in the airplane)

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PARSOL  - Participation of Refugees into Social Life

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