PARSOL - Participation of Refugees into Social Life


   People are forced to leave their own country and leave their house, properties and everything because of civil wars, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, political ideas, ethnicity, racism etc. So, number of refugees and asylum-seekers are increasing day by day in European countries. We see their struggle of existence and problems of housing, language, health and education more closely. Moreover, refugees and asylum-seekers have been seen as a political issue instead of humanistic issue recently. Seen as a vulnerable group, refugees and asylum-seekers are often first target of racial hatred and racial groups have created a public opinion against refugees and asylum-seekers. In this process, refugees and asylum-seekers live in a constant fear of physical attack and threat of life and safety. In the process of project we will try to create public awareness in positive way by awareness activities (news related to our project in local media, introductory works on refugee culture, works on prevent the misinformation). This project aims to be sensitive to the struggles of existence of refugees and inform society in this regard. This project is needed in order to make people aware of the fact that refugees and asylum-seekers are living in our region and they have lots of problems, they just try to meet their basic needs moreover, they are from different cultures, they speak different languages, they struggle too much to get accustomed to their new situation and they need help. Besides, make people accept refugees and asylum-seekers with their differences and similarities and help them. Also, enable them to know they are in safe in our region. 
   Some people look at refugees and asylum-seekers as being a problem of society, we need to make people aware of the fact that refugees have lots of problems. Refugees and asylum-seekers also have a lot of qualities in adjusting to different cultures, different languages, to getting accustomed to a new situation. As coordinator organisation (USED) we saw all these problems closely by the help of the project of cultural integration (CINT) between the years 2010-2012. CINT became the source of inspiration to start this project( participation of refugees in the social life). Because we met many refugees in our region by the help of CINT project. So, we saw their life style and their problems closely and we decided to make this project in order to help them. Also when we contacted to our partners, they were ready to work in this field eagerly. 
   With this project we want to contribute to a better understanding of refugees' basic legal rights, health, education and housing situation through social, cultural and artistic activities. The Diaspora culture of refugees will be highlighted. 
   On the other hand, this project will make communication easier between refugees and the people in region. With this project refugees will be informed about their basic legal rights, health, education and housing. Moreover, refugees will know where to go or how to do when they have any problems or questions. Also, this project will sometimes make refugees away from real life by the way of different social, cultural, artistic and entertaining activities.
   Recently refugee problems not only the problems of just one country but also problems of lots of countries especially European countries. They are the human rights problems for many countries including European countries.
Each country has a different refugee policy 
  transnational cooperation is needed to research and specify the differences for our Project
  when we examined the EU 2020 strategy, the importance of transnational cooperation is emphasized. 
    Therefore, we cooperate with transnational countries.
  transnational cooperation is needed to create awareness in European dimension.
  transnational cooperation is needed to create common public opinion in partner countries
  transnational cooperation is needed, because human rights problem is not just regional and 
    national problems, at the same time international problems.
    For all these reasons transnational cooperation is needed.
   The key issue of the project will be to give the message that solidarity is essential among countries which accept refugee. And raising awareness of society about refugees; how people become refugee to flee violence, economic disparity, repression and other harsh living conditions. And also, difficulties and struggle for survival during migration to another country. One of the most important issue is, Life as a refugee always brings the possibility of encountering others who are different. Associating with people from different cultures can make one more tolerant, or it can lead to a group or individual losing his or her cultural identity or clinging to it in a more extreme form. Therefore, our goal is to make people in regions tolerant, understanding and helpful to refugees, and also inform refugees about their basic legal rights and cultures to make them get accustomed to their new conditions in transitory countries. Our most important aim is to build common values with mutual respect and tolerance and make their life easier by the way of effective communication channels. 
   We would like to make refugees life easier, compatible in the society they live and be mediator between refugees and people of region. Visiting the participating countries and organisations and exchanging our works dealing with refugees and asylum-seekers will be a very efficient way to learn more about the policies and ways of life of the refugees and asylum-seekers from different countries in Europe. All project activities will raise an awareness of social and civic competences that they need in order to be able to participate effectively and constructively in the social and working life of a complex and diverse society. They will also reinforce public’ motivation to act responsibly, to show respect and consideration for other people, for their beliefs, values and customs. 
   To do all these; it is also important to develop dialogue among the participant countries. Dialogue lies within the exchange of ideas, opinions and working materials between partners, which could not be accomplished in the absence of technology. Therefore, this project is also a reflection of the significance of ICT for all countries. We will hold project meetings in which both trainers and learner refugees from European and non-European countries will be involved. The contact among project partners from different countries will improve the knowledge of core issues of PARSOL learning partnership.

PARSOL - Participation of Refugees into Social Life

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  PARSOL is a network and a project as well within the scheme of the ERASMUS + Programme of the
  European Commission. The partners originate from Cataluña, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, 
  Portugal, Scotland and Turkey.
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