PARSOL  - Participation of Refugees into Social Life
              MEETING  VI,   Portugal, 11 - 16 October, 2017 



The sixth meeting of the PARSOL project partners has been held in Lousă, Portugal on 11-16 October 2017. The meeting has been hosted by Arte-Via. All partners have been present in this last meeting of the project PARSOL. During this meeting the Art Book in printed form has been presented and the Refugees' Art Exhibition has been opened.

All participants arrived on Wednesday 11 October 2017. Those who arrived by daylight took the opportunity to have a walk to get acquinted already a little bit with Lousă.

The next day we all stepped aboard of a minibus to visit the famous University of Coimbra. In the afternoon a visit took place to the Bussaco Palace and once returned to Coimbra again some modern architecture could be enjoyed.

On Friday, 13 October 2017, we all were engaged to set up the exhibition that would be opened the next day. Some used the time that was left over to visit the Castle of Lousă.

The plenary meeting was held on Saturday, October 14th, 2017. Presentations were given about the several art productions and also business matters regarding the completion of the project were discussed. Also the PARSOL ART Book in printed form was handed out to the partners. Following the plenary project meeting the Exhibition in the Library of Lousă of the works of Art that had been produced in the PARSOL project was opened. As we had some time left later that day we did a tour in Lousă guided by our host. In the evening e enjoyed a good meal listening to Fado music by a guitarist singer. Some of the partners had to go already during the night, but most partners returned home the next day.


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PARSOL  - Participation of Refugees into Social Life

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