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The SECURIO Group expands, as it seems, a wide range of diverging activities. It's just as the flower leaves in our logo that all together often appear to be different at first sight, but form together nevertheless a coherent whole. In the very same respect all our various activities do. In this way we are professionally dealing with the one and only central human essence:


SECURIO offers also meta-level advice and assistance (communication and evaluation) in [e-]education and e-learning, including education or educational matters with respect to people with special needs or marginalised people. 

European projects


SECURIO participated in a project of the European Commission within the scheme of ERASMUS+ and with regard to the social integration of refugees.
This project (2015-2017) and than as well the network of partners is called PARSOL. The partners originate from Cataluna, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Turkey and the Netherlands. 
Learn more about this project in the PARSOL section.

SECURIO participated in a project of the European Commission within the scheme of the Grundtvig programme, a focus of the Long Life Learning programme concerning adult education. 

Within this scheme SECURIO is one of the partners of the so-called Learning Partnership (2010-2012) known under the acronym CLINTEV .

Unfortunately the CLINTEV website has been withdrawn in the mean time


DISSEMINATION PRODUCTS (apart from style and logo):
- FLYER / BROCHURE:  [DUTCH]             (cover)  (text)
- Dutch History & Culture, an introduction: 
- DICTIONARY: [ENGLISH - Bulgarian, Dutch, German, Hungarian, 
Romanian, Turkish] -- only text:  

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Other completed European Projects:
2012 - 2014: *[DIMENSAAI]
2010 - 2012: *[EUE-Net], [ACCESS], [REACH OUT 2]
2008 - 2010: *[EUE-Net], [ISLACOSADIF], [REACH OUT]

2003 - 2008: *[EUI-Net], [IECUVADVLA], [TYAEST], [SIMPEL]

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