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The SECURIO Group expands, as it seems, a wide range of diverging activities. But like the flower leaves in its logo which often appear to be different at first sight (but never- theless form together a coherent whole), so all our activities do and are dealing with the one and only central human essence:

Communication content productions

In its services SECURIO offers solutions and assis- tance in as well communication content production and presentation as also in the communication sending and receiving route. For all this SECURIO has developed a base of outstanding professiona- lism, also with dedicated partners.

Communication consultancies
Business communication
(e-) education

Do you want top-level advice on a strictly personal base? Or do you like to change ideas confidently with  well qualified and experienced advisors for a feed-back or to check out your (new) visions, strategies, policies or personal developments? Would you like to have  support or a back up in your (international) communications? Do you need any consult to  build up or to manage better your reputation or to improve your presentation techniques, especially in an international context? Are you in need of any [delicate] diplomacy service? Than just contact SECURIO.


SECURIO is affiliated with I.E.R. - International Excellence Reserve and so we can also offer communication services as:
     * Diplomacy and International Communications consultancy
     * Internet Communication evaluation & consultancy
     * Excellence Units (Discussions and dialogue with experts and
                                scientists in any field of interest)
     * International / intercultural Public Relations consultancy

     * E-education consultancies, especially on multicultural   
  education or on education within an European context 
     * Bridging (international) university-industry contacts

I.E.R. - International Excellence Reserve is also involved in pro- jects of the European Commission. Already for many years successful output and impact has been generated especially on improving relations be- tween universities and enterprises, developing practical experience for stud- ents and promoting internet communication and the use of modern media.


I.E.R. - International Excellence Reserve
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