The original watercolour painting of the iris in the SECURIO logo dates back to the early eighties of the last century and, being exposed behind framed glass ever since its creation, it nowadays bears unfortunately the yellowish signs of many lost stories in a personal history and of course just for mere antiquity which always comes along with the dissipated energy of all the light that has been absorbed by the paper over so many years. Nevertheless the painting still shows its striking watercolour freshness in all its manifold subtleties of the well thought strokes to reflect the multitude of aspects of this beautiful natural phenomenon that catches so many varieties of light in this promising outburst of life in a vegetable form that every hope for love and prosperous well-being seems to be fulfilled in the near future with certainty.                  So, we seem to have had but little choice in choosing this picture to express equally our wish that our multitude of communication services will be acknowledged for their respective quality, their well and thoroughly thought solutions and outstanding products and their contribution to bringing people together in a fruitful way.






Concerning the textual part the font basis chosen is Souvenir Lt BT in the blue colour RBG 18, 81, 148 (HEX: # 12, 51, 94) that has been elongated a little in heigth to match the proportions of the logo picture (the blue iris).

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