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(Former) Business Communication Services
(European) marketing concept development and realisation consultancies
(European) advertisement policies and campaigns consultancies
B2B events
Modern Communication Consultancy 
Communication strategies services

Communication strategy services include International Negotiations Consultancy, that ranges from intercultural advice to actual negotiation, and  Diplomacy and International Communications Consultancy, which includes various -often connected- services as (international) public relation services, representation, reputation management and European Commission project proposal submission counseling and coaching. SECURIO offers assistance in this all especially for cultural and educative organisations.

Internet and multimedia communication consultancy

SECURIO services can also include the evaluation, design and development of internet communication content. This outstanding service is a well matching fusion of marketing & public relations experience and textual mastery with appealing artistic and high level graphic design, movie editing, music production & sound engineering and internet communication soft- and hardware knowledge. This way SECURIO offers real internet communication services at full extent with respect to all multimedia facets and state-of-the-art possibilities, but always with the focus on optimal content representation..

Counseling and coaching

Services in this range concern as well personal counseling, in the widest sense, as also higher career development, organisational tactics design and strategic policy making, next to coaching in areas as management/staff team building or organisational changes implementation on managerial or staff level, applying elaborated psycho-drama techniques aiming at improved coherent and so often new ways of collaboration and/or decision making.

However, these services have now all been outsourced by September 2016.
(e-) Education Services
Special focus on the promotion of Internet use by elderly people and people with impairments

SECURIO has several e-education partners in the European Union to offer that way a wide range of (advanced) e-education possibilities, designs and products.

Special focus in this domain is to further e-learning for and promote internet use of elderly people and/or people with impairments and/or marginalised people.

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